IYA Countywide Programme

IYA currently develops and delivers art projects across all seven districts of Nottinghamshire and beyond.

Countywide Projects are usually in partnership with a range of organisations, community groups and schools. They are designed to meet the needs of young people and partners and take place at a time and place that works for them. Professional artists from a wide range of art forms deliver the work under the management and guidance of the IYA team. Some projects are open access whilst others are discretely targeted at specific groups such as SEND or young people in challenging circumstances. The programme is designed across the year to feed in, where appropriate, to IYA and partner events and festivals.

IYA can be commissioned to design bespoke projects but we also lead initiatives through funding and partnership work.

For more information or to discuss potential projects that might be available or that can be commissioned please contact us on: 

Phone: 01623 644377 

Email: iya@inspireculture.org.uk