Inspire Board Elections 2024

Published 10th June 2024

Colourful graphic with the message Vote for your board!

We have a vacancy for ONE community member to join the Board. Read their Candidate Manifesto to find out why the following members think they should be elected to Inspire's Board and then use the link below to place your vote.

  • Danielle Coe
  • Jackie Hewlett-Davies
  • Matthaus Siu Fung Li

Closing date: Friday 12 July 2024

Vote now!

You will need to be an Inspire member to vote so have your Inspire library card handy as this doubles as your Inspire membership number, beginning with a D followed by 8 digits. 

Vote for your preferred candidate

The new Board member will be announced by Friday 26 July and will be appointed at the 2024 Inspire AGM on Wednesday 9 October.

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