History and Imagination Booklist

Take a look at the booklist below - titles by our guest speakers, along with some of their recommendations for other interesting reads...


Sarah Gristwood

Arbella – England’s lost queen

Bird of Paradise: the colourful career of the first Mrs Robinson

Blood sisters: the women behind the Wars of the Roses

Elizabeth and Leicester

Elizabeth: the Queen and the crown

Game of Queens: the women who made Sixteenth Century Europe

Vita & Virginia

 Look out for The Tudors in Love later in 2021

Sarah Murden & Joanne Major

All things Georgian

A Georgian heroine

A History of the Dukes of Bolton 1600-1815: Love Loyalty

An infamous mistress

A right royal scandal


Angus Donald

Blood’s campaign

Blood’s game

Blood’s revolution

Death of Robin Hood

Grail Knight

Holy Warrior

Iron Castle

King’s assassin

King’s Man

The last Berserker



Sarah Gristwood

The girl in the mirror

The Queen’s Mary

Clare Harvey

The English agent

The escape

The gunner girl

The night raid


Mahsuda Snaith

How to find home

The things we thought we knew

Books recommended by our speakers

Akala - Natives: race and class in the ruins of Empire

Anita Anand - Sophia: princess, suffragette, revolutionary

Jane Austen – Love and Friendship

Emily Brand - The Fall of the House of Byron

Rosie Broadley - Laura Knight portraits

Colin Brown - Lady M: the life and loves of Elizabeth Lamb 1751-1818

Piu Marie Eatwell - The Dead Duke, his Secret Wife and the Missing Corpse

Susan Ferrier - Marriage

Alicia Foster – Warpaint

Tom Freeman-Keel - The Disappearing Duke: the Improbable Tale of an Eccentric English Family

Isobel Grundy - Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

Daisy Hay - Young romantics: The Shelleys, Byron and other tangled lives

Mick Jackson - The Underground Man

Rudyard Kipling – The Janeites (a short story in The Man who would be King)

Laura Knight - The magic of a line: the autobiography

Alexander Larman- Byron’s women

Fiona MacCarthy - Byron: life and legend

Lady Mary Wortley Montagu - The Turkish Embassy letters

Barbara C. Morden - Laura Knight: a life

Edna O’Brien - Byron in love

Gertrude Savile - Secret Comment: the diaries of Gertrude Savile 1721- 1757

Miranda Seymour - In Byron’s wake

Rebecca Stott - Duchess of curiosities: the life of Margaret, Duchess of Portland

Claire Tomalin - Jane Austen: a life

Lucy Worsley - Jane Austen at home

Mahsuda Snaith's Kedleston Hall Booklist

The East India Company at Home, 1757-1857 – Margot Finn and Kate Smith  

 A History of Bangladesh - Willem Van Schendel

 Partition of Bengal: Significant signposts – Nityapriya Ghosh  

 The lion and the tiger, the rise and fall of the British Raj, 1600-1947- Dennis Judd  

 Inglorious Empire: What the British did to India – Shashi Tharoor  

 Asians in Britain: 400 Years of History – Rozina Visram  

 Sophia: Princess, Suffragette, Revolutionary – Anita Anand  

 Lord Curzon: The Last of the British Moghuls – Nayana Goradia

 Curzon – David Gilmore

 The Viceroys Daughters – Anne De Courcy

 Up and Down Stairs: The History of the Country House Servant - Jeremy Musson  

 Black Tudors - Miranda Kauffman

 Natives: Race and Class in the ruins of Empire – Akala