Specialist Resources for People with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities

Our partners at Advocacy 2 Engagement (a-2-e) have shared some free helpful resources for people with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities. 

Advocacy 2 Engagement have worked with Nottinghamshire County Council since 2005 delivering personal development courses to people with learning difficulties and disabilities teaching over 160 people every year in homes, day services and community centres. 

To fit with a-2-e values “Be Kind, Be Fair, Share” they kindly agreed to share some of their resources for free to help keep people busy, learning and feeling connected.

We hope you enjoy their ideas, click on the links below to download:

Fancy a cuppa wordsearch instructions

Fancy a cuppa wordsearch

Things to do

Favourite foods worksheet instructions

Favourite foods worksheet

Your window instructions

Your window worksheet

About London quiz instructions

About London quiz

Home treasure hunt worksheet instructions

Home treasure hunt worksheet

What to wear worksheet instructions

What to wear worksheet

A messy drawer instructions

A messy drawer worksheet

Favourite TV instructions

Favourite TV worksheet

Countries quiz instructions

Countries quiz worksheet

Things in your home instructions

Things in your home worksheet

Symbols search instructions

Symbols search

Symbols at home

Bean bags

How to make a bean bag

Things to do with a bean bag

Greeting people instructions

Greeting people worksheet

Film night instructions

Film night worksheet

Happy box instructions

Happy box template

Happy box worksheet

Days of the week instructions

Days of the week example

Days of the week worksheet

Dice game instructions

Dice game worksheet

Hand massage instructions

Give yourself a hand massage

Hand massage worksheet

Animals quiz instructions

Animals quiz worksheet

Magazine letters instructions

Magazine letters worksheet

Letters and cards instructions

Letters and cards ideas

Letters and cards worksheet

Recycle instructions

Recycle story

Recycle worksheet

Flowers instructions

Flowers worksheet

On the farm instructions

On the farm worksheet

Find out more about our courses for people with disabilities and learning difficulties.

Read more about Advocacy 2 Engagement.

Other useful sources of activities and information:

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