Click & Collect and Home Delivery– FAQs

Read our helpful FAQs to find out more about our Click & Collect and Home Delivery services.

Click & Collect

What is Click & Collect?

This is a brand-new service for people who would like to collect some books from their local library that staff have chosen and issued to them in advance. It means you don’t have to come right inside and will have your own individual time slot for collecting your items. 

How will it work?

When you fill in the online form it will be directed to your local library. Staff will contact you to discuss your needs and arrange a suitable time for you to come along. The door will be open but there will be a barrier, such as a table, to prevent customers from coming right inside. Staff will be working in the library and will be expecting you. They will put your items on the table and step back whilst you collect them. Please don’t forget to bring a bag! There will be a trolley for you to put your returned items on.

When can I come to collect my books?

Each library has its own sessions for providing this service when the library is closed to the general public. Staff will arrange a convenient time with you. Each customer will be given an individual time slot so please try to arrive on time. A friend or family member may collect on your behalf, just let us know on the form or when we arrange your slot. 

How will books be chosen for me?

On the form you will be asked for some details about the type of items you are interested in e.g. Crime, Sagas, Large Print, Audiobooks, Cookery books, History, favourite authors. Staff will use this information to choose a range of things you might like.

How many items can I have?

The form asks whether you’d like 10,15, 20 or 24. We’d like customers to take at least 10 to maximise the chances of at least some of the titles being suitable. It also means return visits won’t have to be so frequent. You can take up to 24 items. If you can’t carry 10 items, just ask local staff for fewer.

What if I already have items on loan?

You can return them to the library when you come to pick up your new titles. You will be asked to place them on a trolley near the entrance. Staff will check them in for you later. They will issue your new items in advance even if temporarily, it takes you over your limit.

How long can I keep these items?

Most items can be kept for the normal loan limit of three weeks. 

Can I renew my books? 

You can renew most items in the usual way by contacting Ask Inspire or by logging onto your account on the online catalogue. The only exceptions are books that have been reserved by another customer and One Week Loan books (only available in larger libraries) which you need to return. DVDs will incur a further week’s loan charge if you want to keep it a bit longer.

Will I be charged for returning books late?

Overdue charges are waived during our amnesty until the end of June 2021 after which normal loan limits will apply and you should return or renew your items as usual.

How will I pay for Audiobook and DVD loans?

The charge will go on your record and you can pay it by phoning Ask Inspire on 01623 677 200.

Can I choose my own items by placing reservations on stock I want?

Unfortunately, we aren’t providing a reservation service at present for Click & Collect. If you are visiting a library in person, you may reserve and collect as normal. 

How do I change my books?

You should fill in another online form which will be forwarded to your library and staff will phone you. Alternatively, you can email or contact Ask Inspire: or 01623 677 200.

Home Deliveries

Can I have books delivered to my home?

If you are registered as Housebound, live in a shielding household or have health issues that mean it is unsafe for you to leave your home, we may be able to arrange a Home Delivery for you. Please contact Ask Inspire, or complete the online form.

How will this service work?

It will work in the same way as Click & Collect, except that a volunteer will collect and deliver your books for you.

How will you find a volunteer to deliver my books?

The library will try to find a volunteer in your area who will collect your items from your local library and take your returned books back for you. We will use the Nottinghamshire County Council’s Coronavirus Hub and the Royal Voluntary Service to link you with a particular organisation or individual volunteer.

Is it safe to have a volunteer coming to my house?

All volunteers have registered through Nottinghamshire County Council or the Royal Voluntary Service. They have provided references and have undergone training. However, the volunteer is instructed not to come into your house. The library will tell you the name of the volunteer who will phone you to let you know when they are coming. They will either knock at the door and stand back whilst you collect them or, if you prefer, they will leave the items on the doorstep for you to collect when they have left.