Music and Singing in Schools

Children in Nottinghamshire can access instruments and singing lessons through their primary and secondary schools, as part of our Inspire Music: Teaching (IMT) scheme.

Lessons take place in schools during the school day. Instruments on offer range from the piano and harp to drums and guitars, plus singing lessons. Lessons can be for individuals or a group of pupils. The range of lessons will depend on what your local school has chosen to offer – contact them for details.


If your child is having music lessons in school through the Inspire Music: Teaching scheme, you can loan a musical instrument from us for them to use.


If your child loves to sing you can arrange singing lessons in school through the Inspire Music: Teaching Service.

Primary phase: each district and borough has a representative in our Primary Singing Hub Schools network. Find out more about their activities HERE

Secondary phase: each district has a school which leads on our National Youth Choirs of Great Britain partnership programme. Find out more about our vocal partnerships and learn more about our secondary singing strategy for Nottinghamshire HERE

To Loan

We have a great range of good quality instruments available for pupils to hire. 

Key information:

  • costs £42 per year, payable to your school (usually on a termly basis)
  • accessories, such as reeds or strings, are not included
  • if an instrument loaned from us is in need of repair or replacement, your child’s music teacher will be able to arrange for it to be collected from the school (usually within two weeks)
  • instruments that have been damaged (either deliberately or accidentally), lost or stolen will be charged for, and a replacement will only be issued once the payment has cleared.

Contact your child’s school to arrange the loan of an instrument.

Financial Help

Children who receive free school meals or hold an NHS Tax Credit exemption certificate are eligible for free lessons and instrument hire. This also applies to Looked After Children. Please let the school know that your child is entitled to this – they may require you to provide annual proof of the NHS Tax Credit exemption in the form of the exemption certificate. 

Support for children and young people identified as having Special Educational Needs is considered on a case by case basis. Teachers will notify us if they feel a child needs further support.

For Schools

Find out more about our Inspire Music: Teaching