Accredited Courses - Level 1 and 2

Courses approved by a professional awarding body can make you more desirable to employers, whether that’s being offered a better salary, the chance of promotion, or just getting your foot in the door.

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Unlike our adult community courses, our accredited courses have set criteria for you to achieve in line with Awarding Body standards. Upon completion, you’ll be issued with a qualification certificate recognised by employers.

Accredited courses also have guided learning hours (GLH). This means you’ll need to study the subject for a period of time to achieve the qualification.

Our community accredited courses at Level 1 and 2 are funded through the Adult Education Budget (AEB). This means your course could be fully or part funded, depending on your circumstances.

Courses available:

Level 1 

Preparing to Work in Schools - Level (online course) 

Mental Health Awareness- Level 1 (online course)

Awareness of Substance Misuse- Level 1 (online course)

Exploring Occupational Studies - Level 1 Customer Service (online course)

Exploring Occupational Studies Level 1 - Caring for Babies & Young Children

Award in Volunteering Level 1 (online course) 

Introduction to Health and Social Care - Level 1 (online course)

Level 2

Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills (online course)

Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Autism (online course)

Level 2 Award in Awareness of Dementia (online course)

Level 2 Certificate in Mental Health Awareness (online course) 

Level 2 in Health and Social Care (online course)

Level 3+

Accredited Courses - Level 3+