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Date -
Sessions Mondays: 10am - 12pm
No. sessions 4
Venue Online Courses, Nottingham
For ages 19+
Group size 5 - 15
Cost FREE - £24

About this course

In this course we will explore the works of Botticelli; Rothko; Dürer; Da Vinci and many more. What made these artists and paintings so exceptional, that we still admire them today, and will continue to do so for many years?  What motivates people to pay millions of pounds to own the canvas?  Why are they so enduring?  What is the meaning behind certain famous works of art?  We will also consider how art is perceived today.  

Join me as we take you on a journey through time and introduce you to the some of the greatest painting throughout history that have shaped our current art world.

Through presentations, you will learn about significant stages in the history of art, exploring ideas and movements that have inspired artists greatest masterpieces, such as, Botticelli’s Primavera.

Only a relatively small percentage of paintings could be construed as timeless classics that have become familiar to the public—and not coincidentally produced by some of the most famous artists of all time. The question of what mix of talent, genius and circumstance leads to the creation of a masterpiece. Perhaps the simplest answer is that you know one when you see one, whether it's at one of London’s; Scotland’s or NYC's many museums or at institutions in other parts of the world. We, of course, have our opinion of what makes the grade and we present them here in our list of some of the best paintings of all time.  

You may wish to bring some paper and a pen to make notes.

As this course is online, a suitable device such as laptop, smart phone, tablet or computer will be required to access the course.  Zoom will be used for the live sessions and the link will be sent to you once your enrolment has been completed. 

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