Exploring Pyramids- Online Course - Family Learning - 13:00-15:00

Online Course, Nottingham

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Key details

Time 1pm - 3pm
Venue Online Course, Nottingham
For ages 19+
Group size 5 - 20
Cost Free

About this course

The course will suit family learning for adults and children 7 to 11 years. The aim is to explore information on measures, shapes and space that relate to the pyramid. The Egyptian pyramids have been a feature of wonder and some measurements of the pyramids are unusual creating a wealth of conclusions on their actual uses. 

There will be a practical and theory element to the session with a short comfort break, as required. The word ‘pyramid’ will be explored at the outset.

The course will make use of 2D nets and origami to make 3D shapes using paper and glue.

The pyramid shape will be developed so paper, glue and scissors will be useful.

A square-based origami pyramid will be attempted from a square of paper by folding. No scissors or cutting for that one.  Just a small glue stick and the paper square.

The pyramid shape will be explored as it has special properties to help us in the real world, particularly with life-giving water. 

We will explore a sample of pyramid pictures from around the world and discuss aspects of measurement.

  • What is the pyramid inch? 
  • How does Pi relate to the pyramid’s geometry? 
  • What is a pyramid’s perimeter?
  • How many sides does a pyramid have? 
  • Is the base of the pyramid always square? 

A small selection of numerical and graphical questions will be presented. There will be a chance to participate using the whiteboard and win a template for a decorative rectangle ‘net’ to be sent by email based on Toy Story.

As this course is online, a suitable device such as laptop, smart phone, tablet or computer will be required to access the course.  Zoom will be used for the live sessions and the link will be sent to you once your enrolment has been completed.  You might find paper, pen, printer, internet access, scissors, sellotape, glue and a pair of hands useful to take part in any practical participation.

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