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Sneinton Asylum – What do we know? An online talk from February 2021 discussing the changes in perspectives on mental health over the last 200 years and the sites and connections between the former asylums in Nottingham and Whittingham (Preston). The contributors to the talk are Suzanne Golden - BACKLIT Deputy Director and curator of mental health exhibitions and Mick McKeown - Professor of Democratic mental health at the University of Central Lancashire.  

LGBTQ+ & Female experiences in Sneinton Asylum A talk from March 2021 focusing on the way female patients were treated in the Sneinton Asylum and the challenges with access to information around LGBTQ+ patients. The contributors to the talk are Dominic Janes - Cultural Historian for Gender and Sexuality in Victorian Britain, Dave Stewart - researcher for the Sneinton Asylum and Jess Emsley - BACKLIT Artist and member of Lumina Collective (BACKLIT's Arts and feminism group).

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