Digital Marketing and Social Media for Beginners

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Digital Marketing & Social Media - Beginners

This session is on digital marketing and social media for start-ups or small business owners, ideally for those that class themselves as a Beginner.

- Setting the Scene

  • How you treat people with your marketing is a reflection of your brand
  • More than ever, you need to get to know your customer
  • Give your customers results-oriented content
  • Provide quick insights.
  • Make finding you easier

- Email Marketing - Top Tips

- Social Media Marketing - Top Tips

- Cost-Effective Tools


  • Social Media Publishing
  • Sales & Marketing Automation
  • Blog Publishing
  • Websites & eCommerce
Andy Barton

Andy Barton

Speaker - Andy Barton

Andy is an accredited business adviser and a marketing & technology expert. He firmly believes that a well thought out sales and marketing strategy, combined with the right digital technology, delivers significant top and bottom-line results. Andy has formed and run technology and consultancy businesses and has helped hundreds of companies worldwide to increase revenue and boost profit. His real skill is joining up sales, marketing & operations from a combined viewpoint of the right technology, with the right processes, automating repetitive tasks where possible, all to meet the company goals and overall strategy. Andy is a Fellow of the Institute of Data & Marketing.

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