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How do you bring archive materials, 120 school children, 50 adults, a storyteller, an artist and an archaeologist together in one project? The answer is FOOD!

Performer and storyteller Nicky Rafferty and visual artist Clare Taylor delved into Nottinghamshire Archives with the help of archeologist James Wright. Inspired and armed with the  unearthed artifacts, they worked with pupils from Bilsthorpe Flying High Academy and Greenwood Primary School and members of the public through library workshops, to produce a new collection of work. Here's how it was achieved:

  • Exploring the heritage of recipes from the past we wanted you to embellish and share your favourite food stories of the present. 
  • James Wright talked about the food of Nottinghamshire’s past in an entertaining and interactive presentation.
  • Visual artist Clare Taylor brought the food stories to life though creative fun.
  • The result - a mass of carefully designed and printed tea towels!

These were shared in an exhibition in Inspire Library Galleries between April and December 2019 along with works the artists produced with the schools. 

All the contributions will be added back into Nottinghamshire Archives for future food historians to uncover.

The Gallery below shows some of the results!

Nottinghamshire Archives is a fabulous resource open to the public and holding over 4 million documents waiting to be discovered. 

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