Summer Online Dance Challenge

All Libraries, Nottingham

Date -
Time All day
Venue All Libraries

What do you need to do?

Create an original piece of choreography for one or both of the pieces of music provided -the music is available here;

Track 1 - Time Stood Still, by Jess Fisher
Track 2 - Magnetik, by Jess Fisher

The choreography can be a solo performance. Film yourself performing using a mobile phone or digital device

The deadline to submit your entry is Friday 28 August.

Things to consider

  • How you interpret the music
  • If your choreography tells a story (not essential)
  • Make sure you have a suitable clear space to film it
  • What is in the background? The movement needs to be the focus not a distracting background
  • Wear appropriate clothing

What will happen with the work?

The resulting work will be publicly shared as a piece in itself or it will be edited into a compilation video

What do you get?

Some of the work may be used to go on and create a music video. There will also be awards for;

  • The best concept
  • The best interpretation of the music
  • The best choreography
  • The best performance
  • The best cinematography (Film)

Please send your clip to by 5pm on Friday 28 August 2020.

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This is an online challenge

Anybody can take part