Student Music Journalism for KS3+

Published 14th December 2016

Take part in Rockhaq student music journalism workshops!

Rockhaq workshops help students to become inspired and engaged to write, purely because they want to. Don’t believe us? Then check their case studiesstudent video interviews and testimonials to see the rather outstanding results they've achieved in the past. 

Rockhaq engages students to write reviews, both in class and in their own time on the online community at Our 2016 secondary school workshops have seen 98% of students writing over a page of words in a one-paragraph session and 73% of our pilot students wrote at weekends, in the evenings, in the sunshine and over holidays. They loved it so much they wanted to keep blogging after college. Rockhaq also fits into the National Curriculum for English Literacy. 

We're looking to work with Rockhaq in Nottinghamshire schools and will part fund workshops. If you are a teacher, just get in touch to find out how. 

Workshop availability will be limited, so contact us if you’re interested in these unique sessions in 2017!

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