Chairs, Stairs and Pickled Onions...

Published 7th June 2017

CYA project Shadow Movement have created a brilliant yet quirky film called Chairs, Stairs and Pickled Onions.

The group features young people and professional dance tutors from Nottinghamshire. The project runs as an intensive set of workshops and has performed at many of the top dance events in the county.

The film has been selected to be shown at U Dance England’s national event in Birmingham and represents Nottinghamshire alongside performances from across the country 

Choreographed and filmed over the course of a week the young people worked with Next Door Dance to create this short dance film as part of their youth project Shadow Movement with Inspire Arts.

Given the simple starting point of Chairs, Stairs and Pickled Onions the young people worked as a company to direct and choreograph this playful dance for camera under the guidance of Next Door Dance company members.

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