Changes to Fees and Charges

Published 28th March 2018

Fees and Charges changes from 1 April 2018

Every year we review our fees and charges in Nottinghamshire Libraries and Archives with consideration of a number of factors such as inflation, other library services, charges from suppliers and external organisations.

The following changes approved by Nottinghamshire County Council are effective from 1 April 2018:


  • Reservations to increase from 25p to 30p.
  • British Library and Inter-Library loans to increase from £4.25 to £5.30.


  • Charges for certified copies of parish register entries will rise in line with the statutory charges levied by the Church of England from £13 to £1
  • Postage and handling of microfiche has increased to 310 as a result of additional costs from the supplier
  • There are a number of reductions for room booking charges.
  • Charges for copyright clearance have been simplified.

See the full list of Archives fees and charges here

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