Furthering Talent - funding for young musicians

Published 1st October 2019

What is the Furthering Talent programme?

Furthering Talent is a programme that aims to get children from lower income backgrounds into music and offers funding to help them take up playing a musical instrument where it would not usually be possible. It is funded up to £2000 for each student by Awards for Young Musicians (AfYM) in partnership with Nottinghamshire Music Hub.

How should the funding be used?

The funding should be used to pay for specialist instrumental in school tuition for a half hour individual lesson every week. In addition to this, funding may be used for all kinds of activities such as AfYM led ‘get-togethers’ with other talented students, workshops with professional musicians or going to watch professional musicians perform in recitals or concerts.

How do I know if a student is suitable for the programme?

Students are typically nominated after showing exceptional potential in Whole Class Teaching lessons. If you need advice, please contact local coordinator andy.hatherley@a-y-m.org.uk

What do I have to do to get the funding?

To qualify for funding, students should come from a family with whose gross family income does not exceed £29,927 (once £2,030 has been deducted for each dependent in the family, including the young person being funded).


Watch how the Furthering Talent fund can help your pupils HERE:

Fuller details of the programme are on A-Y-M's Furthering Talent page HERE:

If you would like to register your interest in the programme or receive more information about how the Furthering Talent programme can help your pupils, please contact  andy.hatherley@a-y-m.org.uk

Register your interest, contact: andy.hatherley@a-y-m.org.uk 

Updated: 1.10.19

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