Advenures in Music - Weekly video series now online

Published 13th May 2020

Adventures in Music has gone online!

Inspire Music have created 10 fun interactive videos that use rhythm, music and movement to develop your child's language skills, spark their imagination and build confidence in exploring and making music.

Adventure in Music are FREE to access!

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Our videos so far...

Week 1 - The Farm

Sing along and learn songs about The Farm, move your body in time with the music and keep a steady beat. Can you play fast and slow? Let's give it try, we'll need some help counting too!  Instruments you may need: Shakers or saucepan and spoon

Week 2 - The Jungle

Adventurers get ready to explore the jungle sometimes we'll need to be very quiet and sometimes we'll need to be very loud. Get ready to sing and play meeting animals on the way, a sneaky crocodile and some cheeky monkeys too!

Week 3 - The Forest

In the Deep Dark Forest there are lots of musical games and activities to discover, let's saddle up the horse, climb aboard "Giddy up and off we go"!

Week 4 - In Space!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1..... Blast off!  Let's take a rocket into space, zoom to the moon! I wonder what we will discover on our musical space adventure? Watch out for the flying saucers!  

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This programme is supported by funding from Arts Council England.

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