Inspire ELS InspiREAD2020 Book Award - Winner Announced!

Published 21st July 2020

Congratulations to all the shortlisted authors for the Education Library Service InspiREAD 2020 Book Award!

We’ve been overwhelmed with all the responses we’ve received and are delighted to announce the InspiREAD 2020 Book Award Winners are:

A huge thank you to all the authors and everyone who voted for the award. Take a look below at some of the wonderful comments we received about the books and the award!

We’ll be back next year for InspiREAD 2021! 

“This book reignited my 9 year old daughter's love for
reading. It was sad to see that she had become so detached from her reading but
once she discovered Guy Bass' Gorblimey there was no stopping her, she loves
reading again and it's all thanks to The Unimaginary Friend.

“Fred’s Book ‘Gnome’ is just beautiful both the writing and
illustrations are beautiful to share with my children!”

“A fantastic selection of books, really difficult to decide
on a winner from each category!”

"Love, love love The Light Hunters absolutely wonderful book!"

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