Young musicians collaborate online to raise money for charity

Published 10th December 2020

A Christmas video of 'Happy Xmas (War is Over)', has been recorded to raise money for charity by young artists from Inspire Youth Arts (IYA) projects. 

IYA approached a cross-section of young artists from a number of their projects - including IYA Singer-Songwriter Academy, First Light label artists, artists on their new eNGine Room label, artists who have worked and performed at their events, Able Orchestra and Inspired Voices. 

In all, nine different video performances were put together, edited and mixed by Mark Allsop. The video was premiered at An Inspired Christmas Concert online last week, and is now being shared to help raise money for Shelter, in lieu of their usual annual fundraising that took place during their live performances. 

Betsey, one of the performers in the video, said "We selected Happy Xmas (War is over) by John Lennon/Yoko Ono as the song as it is such a well known and uplifting track, and the lyrics can also be interpreted in a new way in the context of this very different year, and that maybe, soon, the 'war' against Covid may be over (hopefully!). The lyrics are hopeful and the mood is something that brings people together, which is something that has been very difficult in 2020."

Originally, they were going to hold a socially-distanced recording and filming session at The Old Library in Mansfield but the second lockdown forced the remote solution.

The young people all recorded their parts at home (or at Uni in Sam Adams case!) and approached it in similar ways, but naturally with different results.

Most recorded all the vocals for the verse and chorus parts and the closing choral parts, knowing that they would only be using individual lines across the song (like Band Aid!). Inspired Voices recorded all the choral parts and end section.

Eam (Mae Monypenny's artist name) also recorded main vocals and a series of harmony sections and Ooos. Jess Fisher from the Able Orchestra recorded a solo section to run over the chorus section using her wheelchair controller and electronic music making software.

Hopefully they may get to perform it next year in person!

Performers are (Left to Right / Top to Bottom)
Luke GW, Betsey, Remy
Margarita, Jess Fisher (Able Orchestra), Eam

Sam Adams, Inspired Voices, Sam Barker

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