Bookworm with a Cuppa's review: Shed No Tears

Published 30th November 2021

Bookwork with a cuppa's book rating 3/5

I did enjoy reading this book, although it wasn't my usual genre as I don't read crime fiction. If I had seen this book on a shelf I would not have picked it up, so in that respect the book club offering has been a refreshing change for me. The book has a lot of dialogue and this dialogue is the means by which the twists and turns of the story unfold. It is fairly fast paced, easy to pick up and put down, not the type of book that you have to devote lots of time to. The number of characters that appear, and the fact that they are sometimes referred to by their first name and sometimes by their last, makes for a somewhat confusing read, which can be a bit frustrating. But the twists and turns of the storyline can be followed regardless and the story leaps from one possibility to the next, as facts unfold and as evidence previously taken as truth actually turns out to be a series of linked lies and deceits. I did enjoy the book, and finished it, which is always a good sign ?

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