Retford Library receive blue plaque in honour of Mr Thomas Hercy Denman

Published 29th July 2022

Retford Library is proud to be the recipient of its own blue plaque and is the only library in the county to have the honour.

The blue plaque was presented in honour of Mr Thomas Hercy Denman who, in 1926, presented his Georgian building to the town of Retford for use as a library. The building is still being used to provide the same service today as a part of Inspire.

In a moving speech by local literary enthusiast Rob White, he spoke of Thomas Hercy Denman and the continuing importance of the library.

“And you see it in what goes on in the building behind me. By "building" I don't mean that it's just bricks and mortar; it's a living thing. And it isn't just the library; it's the Denman Public Library. Thomas's spirit is active today in the people who run it on a daily basis; in those who contribute to its activities, among whom I'm honoured to count myself (we all know that a library nowadays is about a great deal more than just borrowing books); and in those Retfordians who visit it each day, and whose lives are enlightened and enriched thereby. I've said it before, but it bears repetition, that this library is a hugely important part of Retford's cultural, educational, and social life.”

You can now visit and view the plaque which is situated on the front of the building - and why not stay and borrow a book while you're there!

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