Micropination Film

Jimmy Power, an artist supported by Inspire Youth Arts, led a film project funded by Miner2Major that involved young music producers in creating music and visuals inspired by Sherwood Forest and its surroundings.


A group of young people  from inspire Youth Arts have worked with electronic musician Jimmy Power and videography artist Gary Martins to create a stunning audio-visual piece of artwork created from field recordings  and microscopic images of flora from across the Sherwood Forest area.

The mood, style and overall audio aesthetic was created by the young people using field recordings of natural objects such as sticks, leaves and rocks as well as using the natural landscape noises of running water, wildlife and wind running through the trees to be used as part of the piece. Recorded parts have been manipulated in audio software to create rhythmic patterns to create a range of percussive and melodic sections. The visuals accompanying the piece are microscopic images of species of plant life found in the Sherwood Forest area including moss, plants and leaves.

The piece was premiered at Mansfield Odeon Cinema in November 2022 as part of an evening of screenings of Miner2Major and Inspire Youth Arts work.

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