Business & IP Centre Nottinghamshire

A thriving business community in your local library.

We provide free business support to start-up business owners, entrepreneurs, and inventors like you. Check out our events, resources and one-to-one opportunities so we can help you start up and run your business. 

Business query? Ask us! 

If you're looking for information about growing your business, an IP query or how to research a new business idea, contact us at or book a one-to-one chat with a BIPC Advisor online or at your nearest BIPC local in selected libraries. 

Visit a BIPC local site in

At these locations you will be able to access in-person one-to-ones, events, workshops and a range of specialist online resources and databases. 

Business & IP Centre Nottinghamshire is part of the BIPC National Network led by the British Library and is a partnership between Nottingham City and Inspire Libraries.