Live theatre in libraries: Performances for schools

Working with cultural partners and supported using public funding through Arts Council England, Inspire brings some of the best performers and theatre companies into libraries to perform for school groups. 

MishMash Productions presents: Ruby's Worry

Told through live music, song, puppetry and physical theatre, Ruby’s Worry takes the audience on a delightful musical adventure.  

Touring Inspire Libraries in June 2024

Show Information

Illustrated Ruby, a black girl with dark brown hair in double bunches and a blue dress with white dots, stands in front of a rainbow and a yellow background beside her worry - a grey blob with two eyes and one eyebrow. Text Reads 'Ruby's Worry. Ruby had always been happy, perfectly happy…until one day…she discovered a worry…'

Illustration © Tom Percival 

Ruby had always been happy, perfectly happy…until one day…she discovered a worry… 

Ruby tries and tries to get rid of her worry, which grows bigger and bigger!  Eventually she meets a boy who has a worry too.   Together they discover that everyone has worries, and that if you talk about them, they never hang around for long!  

Based on the book Ruby’s Worry, written and illustrated by Tom Percival and published by Bloomsbury.  

Created by MishMash Productions in partnership with Nottingham City Libraries.  With support from Inspire: Culture, Learning and Libraries; Leicestershire Libraries and with funding from Arts Council England.

Booking Information

Ruby's Worry tours to four libraries for performances for schools.

Date Library Times Capacity per performance
Thursday 13 June Sutton-in-Ashfield Library 10.30am and 1.30pm 60
Tuesday 25 June Worksop Library 10.30am and 1.30pm 60 - Bookings in progress
Wednesday 26 June Newark Library 10.30am and 1.30pm 30
Friday 28 June Arnold Library 1.30pm 30 - Booking in progress

Cost:  £90 per class  (Discounted rate made possible by Arts Council England funding.) 

Age suitability:  Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1  

Running time:  45 minutes 

Key themes:  Empathy, Feelings and Emotional Wellbeing


To find out more or to book places for your school contact.


Further Information

Inspire works with our partners to ensure we present quality performances from theatre companies around the UK, bringing arts and culture to your local library and providing a memorable experience for your pupils.

  • Performances take place either in the children's library (for performances at Worksop and Sutton-in-Ashfield libraries)  or a separate meeting space (for performances at Newark and Arnold libraries).  Creating a friendly and relaxed atmosphere for children and school staff.  
  • For Ruby's Worry, children will sit on the floor, with chairs available for adults.
  • We ask that groups arrive ready to be seated around 10 minutes before the performance start time to ensure everyone is settled for a prompt start.
  • We are flexible to the needs of individual pupils, there will always be space for a child to move away from the show, if for any reason they need a break from the action and we'll discuss any access needs for pupils and staff during the booking process.
  • Library staff will always be on hand throughout the visit to welcome classes and answer questions.

Once we know you would like to book classes from your school to see a performance.  We'll send a booking form to confirm the booking,  numbers attending and the process for payment.  

The booking form also outlines the responsibilities of each party.  As follows;

 The School’s Responsibilities

The School shall:

  1. Make appropriate arrangements to transport the children to the performance venue in good time for the start of the performance.
  2. Provide staff to supervise the children during performances.
  3. Obtain from the organiser any information required for a risk assessment.
  4. Both parties shall maintain public and employer’s liability cover in respect of its activities and staff.
  5. Arrange payment for the performance  - to be received no later than 2 weeks before the event.

The Library Service Responsibilities

The Library Service shall:

  1. Undertake contractual arrangements with the Visiting Company to present the Production in association with, our partner,  MishMash Productions.
  2. Pay all fees, accommodation and travel expenses for the Visiting Company.
  3. Liaise with the venue over licensing and Health & Safety procedures
  4. Both parties shall maintain public and employer’s liability cover in respect of its activities and staff.
  5. Provide information requested by schools in a timely manner.

About MishMash Productions

MishMash Productions’ vision is to transform perceptions of what classical music could and should be, particularly for young, school and family audiences. Their mission is to introduce and expose every child in the UK (no matter their socio-economic background) to live classical music via experiences where they feel welcome, and where they can enjoy and engage with the music.

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Created by MishMash Productions in partnership with Nottingham City Libraries.  With support from Inspire: Culture, Learning and Libraries; Leicestershire Libraries and with funding from Arts Council England.