Policies and Provider Information

Inspire Learning Supply Chain Policy 2017-2018 DOC, 47.5 KB

Supply Chain Fees and Charges Policy for Community Learning: 2016 - 2017

Certificate Providing External Assurance on Subcontracting Controls PDF, 203.2 KB

Certificate from KPMG: Providing external assurance on subcontracting controls

Subcontractor Declaration Form (2015 - 2016 V1) XLSX, 150.6 KB

Subcontractor Declaration Form (2015 - 2016 V1 submitted 02/11/2015)

Subcontractor Declaration Form (2014 - 2015 V1) XLSX, 149.1 KB

Subcontractor Declaration Form (2014 - 2015 V1 submitted 21/10/2014)

Subcontractor Declaration Form (2014 - 2015 V2) XLSX, 149.0 KB

Subcontractor Declaration Form (2014 - 2015 V2 submitted 15/03/2015)

Actual Funding Paid and Retained for Subcontractors in the Funding Year 2016/17 XLSX, 59.8 KB

Actual funding paid and retained for subcontractors in the funding years 2016/17

E&D poster.pdf PDF, 357.3 KB

NottsLowerSuperOutputAreas.xlsx XLSX, 31.2 KB

Click here for a list of all 497 Lower Super Output Areas in Nottinghamshire ranked by Index of Multiple Deprivation
(where 1 is the most deprived). Our target area includes the 250 most deprived Lower Super Output Areas. The data
comes from:
www.ons.gov.uk (https://geoportal.statistics.gov.uk/geoportal/catalog/main/home.page)
The Ward is a best-fit lookup for 2015 provided by http://www.ons.gov.uk. The Index of Multiple Deprivation figures
are for 2015 and the Lower Super Output Areas represent the 2011 boundary changes. The postcode lookup file used
was from February 2016.