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Inspire Learning Supply Chain Policy 2017-2018

Supply Chain Fees and Charges Policy for Community Learning: 2016 - 2017

Subcontractor Declaration Form (2015 - 2016 V1)

Subcontractor Declaration Form (2015 - 2016 V1 submitted 02/11/2015)

Subcontractor Declaration Form (2014 - 2015 V1)

Subcontractor Declaration Form (2014 - 2015 V1 submitted 21/10/2014)

Subcontractor Declaration Form (2014 - 2015 V2)

Subcontractor Declaration Form (2014 - 2015 V2 submitted 15/03/2015)

Actual Funding Paid and Retained for Subcontractors in the Funding Year 2016/17

Actual funding paid and retained for subcontractors in the funding years 2016/17


Click here for a list of all 497 Lower Super Output Areas in Nottinghamshire ranked by Index of Multiple Deprivation
(where 1 is the most deprived). Our target area includes the 250 most deprived Lower Super Output Areas. The data
comes from: (
The Ward is a best-fit lookup for 2015 provided by The Index of Multiple Deprivation figures
are for 2015 and the Lower Super Output Areas represent the 2011 boundary changes. The postcode lookup file used
was from February 2016.