Reminiscence Resources from Inspire Libraries

Inspire Libraries have created a collection of reminiscence resources to encourage interaction and communication between people living with dementia, their families, friends and carers.  

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Memory Lane Bags

Memory Lane bag containing World War 2 era memorabilia

Memory Lane bags can be used at home or taken along when visiting a relative or friend in a care home or hospital.  They can provide a fun activity and act as a way of bridging the gap between people of all ages.

Each Memory Lane Bag contains a selection of objects, two books, a CD or DVD, photographs or ephemera on a specific theme. Themes include:

  •                         1930s

  •                         1970s
  •                         1980s
  •                         Bringing up baby
  •                         Childhood
  •                         Childhood (2)
  •                         Childhood and family
  •                         School days
  •                         Christmas
  •                         Dogs
  •                         Ladies boudoir
  •                         Farming
  •                         Food
  •                         Fun
  •                         Going out – men
  •                         Holidays
  •                         Home Front in World War II
  •                         In the garden
  •                         Local businesses
  •                         Medicine
  •                         Men’s hobbies
  •                         Men’s world – 1940s
  •                         Men’s world (2)
  •                         Mining
  •                         Needlework
  •                         Pets
  •                         Railways
  •                         Saturday night out in the 1940s
  •                         Seaside
  •                         Shopping
  •                         Sport
  •                         Stimulate the senses
  •                         The countryside
  •                         The Royal Family
  •                         Transport
  •                         Transport (2)
  •                         TV, music and film
  •                         Remembering the past (male interest)
  •                         Weddings
  •                         Women – household
  •                         Women in the 1950s
  •                         Women’s world in the 1950s
  •                         1950s home
  •                         Day out 1950s/60s
  •                         World War II
  •                         Royal Air Force
  •                         Royal Navy
  •                         The British Army
  •                         Birthdays
  •                         Holidays (2)
  •                         Domestic life
  •                         Nottinghamshire
  •                         Women’s world – beauty
  •                         Remembering the past

Memory Lane bags are free to borrow for up to three weeks. Collect and return them through any Inspire Library.  Simply request a bag from a member of staff or reserve one using the online catalogue where you can see the full list of over 50 themes. 

Adult Care Cases


Adult Care Cases are large-scale reminiscence kits designed to encourage interaction and communication with groups of people living with dementia or adults with learning difficulties. 

They can be used in care homes, day centres or community settings. Each case includes multiple DVDs/CDs, books, ephemera and reminiscence activities in a wheeled suitcase.

Staff or volunteers in care homes, day centres and community groups can borrow a case for free for up to 12 weeks. Due to demand, cases cannot be renewed and overdue charges will apply if returned late.

For more information or to request a case, visit your local library or contact Ask Inspire by phone on 01623 677 200 or email