Summer Reading Challenge

Wild World Heroes, Summer Reading Challenge 2021

Unfortunately Wild World Heroes - Summer Reading Challenge 2021 has come to an end for this year.  The challenge will be back next year.   


The Summer Reading Challenge is back in Inspire libraries this summer! Developed in partnership with WWF, the world's leading independent conservation organisation.   Wild World Heroes is a celebration of reading, nature and action for the environment.    

Teachers:  See our school resources here

Introducing Summer Reading Challenge 2021

The challenge, aimed at children aged 4 to 11 years, is to read six or more library books over the summer. Watch our YouTube video below to see librarian Chris explain how it works in our libraries.

Librarian Chris introduces Summer Reading Challenge 2021.

New for 2021:  A bite sized version of the Summer Reading Challenge for children under 4.  Find out more here.

How to take part in the library

A person, face obscured,  holds up 3 Wild World Heroes collector posters. Library shelves blurred in background.
  • Sign up at the library to join in with the Summer Reading Challenge.  Children pick up a special collector poster featuring a map of Wilderville.
  • Get reading!  Borrow books to read from the library. Children can choose what they read; novels, fact books, picture books, graphic novels, joke books, eBooks and audiobooks all count towards completing the Challenge. You can browse our Wild World Heroes themed book collection for inspiration.
  • For every book read children collect stickers (some are smelly). The stickers help transform Wilderville into a cleaner,  greener place for the people and animals that live there.
  • There's a bookmark and a pencil on offer too as they progress through the Challenge.  
  • Every child who completes the challenge, by reading 6 library books, receives a medal and certificate.

It’s all free, fun and a great way to keep children reading over the summer holidays.  

How to take part online

Children can also take part online for digital rewards

  • Sign up for a website profile direct at   (they’ll be asked to provide a parent/carer email address to approve signup)
  • Set a personal reading goal for the summer
  • Record the books read onto their online profile and leave a review to unlock digital badges and online rewards.
  • Children will unlock a certificate to download once they reach their goal

There are lots of ebooks and audio books you can borrow from the library online to help complete the online challenge.

For more information on the online challenge visit the help page at

Wild World Reading

Children can read any books they like on the Summer Reading Challenge; stories, fact books, poetry, jokes, graphic novels.  For those who might be inspired by the environmental theme of the challenge we've a whole host of book suggestions to explore with our Wild World Heroes themed booklist.    For more book recommendations head to our children's book recommendations page.

About the Summer Reading Challenge

A young boy, smiling, holds up a Summer Reading Challenge medal.

Summer Reading Challenge 2019: medal winner

The Summer Reading Challenge is produced by The Reading Agency and runs in libraries all over the country. The challenge, aimed at children aged 4 to 11 years, is to read six or more library books over the summer.   In libraries, there are stickers and other rewards for every book read and children who complete the challenge receive a medal and a certificate.   Children taking part online earn digital badges and other online rewards with  a certificate to download at the end of the challenge.

Children who take part:

  • are more enthusiastic about reading
  • maintain their reading level over the holidays
  • return to schools keen and ready to learn
  • boost their confidence and self-esteem.

To find out more click here

Parent/Carer Comments

"The Summer Reading Challenge is an excellent idea.  It has really helped encourage my two to read, I have never seen them so excited about books.  I certainly will encourage them to take part every year and to continue to use the library in the mean time."

Parent comment, 2019

"We really enjoy the challenge - it gives a real focus over the Summer to keep reading on a regular basis."

Parent comment, 2019

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