The Mini-Challenge returns to Inspire Libraries
Saturday 9 July - Sunday 4 September 2022

Black and White covers of there Mini Challenge Collector cards, stood upright and in the background, partially visible, illustrated Gadgeteers characters.

Mini Challenge collector cards.  The front page can be coloured in.

The Mini Challenge is a bite sized version of the Summer Reading Challenge for our youngest readers. 

Children collect stickers on a special collector card for the books they borrow and read. 

For children aged 3 and under.

How does the mini challenge work?

A bright yellow collector card open partially filled with 3 round Gadgeteers stickers, and three numbered empty circles of the left side.  On the right a maze puzzle and space for colouring.

A partially completed collector card.

  • Sign up at your local library for free.
  • Choose any books your child likes.
  • Read and share the stories together.
  • Collect a sticker for each book to fill up the collector card.
  • Collect six stickers to complete the mini challenge and earn a  special gold sticker.

Summer Reading Challenge 2022

This years theme for the Summer Reading Challenge is Gadgeteers.  Gadgeteers will be celebration of reading, imagination and science.