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The creation of 'I Am A Creator'

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I Am A Creator aims to provide high quality arts opportunities for people of all ages to explore their creativity, starting with I Am A Writer in year one. 

Our I Am A Creator programme, is funded by investment from Arts Council England, through our status as an ACE National Portfolio Organisation

Inspired by some of the fascinating insights we uncovered as part of our ground-breaking, ACE funded, I Am A Reader project, we aim to empower audiences - who may not always recognise themselves as creative* - to work alongside professional writers and artists as they co-create and bring to life immersive story experiences across a range of artforms, and over the three-year life of the project. 

As readers, the audiences we see every day in our libraries, are already co-creators of fictional worlds/places each time they open a book, and this place can be different for every reader. Yet while this project highlighted the creativity that happens when we read, it also revealed that many readers were still unsure about their own inherent creativity*. We want to empower audiences and give them wonderful opportunities to be creative, as they work with artists and writers who can harness the power of stories too, including audiences that can be/feel excluded from the arts.  

More information can be found here: I Am A Reader

More information can be found here: I Am A Writer

This project is part of our Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation funded work.

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