Maths and English GCSE Resits and Functional Skills

Employers are looking for candidates with qualifications in maths and English, and the underpinning skills that these give, so they can be sure that you can operate with confidence in a working environment.

Employers want to see young people who are confident with numbers, able to communicate effectively, and who can understand written and verbal instructions. Therefore, maths and English are a key part of our Study Programmes.

GCSE Resits

We provide GCSEs (9-1) in English Language and Mathematics. Our resit pass rate is consistently above the national average: in 2023, our learners achieved a pass rate of 71% in maths, and 41% in English, compared to the national average of 16.4% in maths and 25.9% in English. Many of our learners have previously failed or achieved a grade 3 (equivalent to a Grade ‘D’ in the old marking system) in their previous years of education - our staff work hard to support our learners in making that progress to get the grades they need.

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Don't just take it from us, here's what some of our learners had to say:

I've just passed my maths and all of my AIM awards. I'm super excited, and I can't wait to see what the world brings for me! Inspire's helped me a lot - I've built my confidence and they've given me the ability to pass my GCSEs. In my secondary school I just wasn't able to do it, and Inspire's helped me so much with that.

Before I joined Inspire, I struggled with my mental health - Inspire basically saved my life! Somehow, I also got my GCSEs, and I got a grade 6!

I just passed my maths GCSE, I got a grade 5 and I can't believe it - what an incredible journey I went through from September to now. It's just unbelievable! I need to thank my maths teacher, because without her I couldn't have done what I did. I'm very grateful, I really am.

Functional Skills

Depending on your previous grades and experience, we may suggest that you're more suited to a Functional Skills course in either math, English, or both. Functional Skills aim to place maths and English within real world contexts, whether in the workplace or just your everyday life. It could be working our the right amount of wallpaper to buy, the number of bricks to use, or it could be writing a job application or even a letter to your local MP.

The emphasis is on FUNCTIONAL - the things that help you function effectively at work and in life.

Did you know? We also offer Functional Skills courses for adults. If you're aged 19+ and don't have a qualification in maths or English, visit our Adult Learning page, or click here to find a course.

For more information on courses, locations, and more, visit our main College page, or click here. You can also contact our Inspire Learning team by emailing or calling 0115 804 3611.