Additional Learning Support

We want to ensure that our courses are accessible to everyone. If you require additional help and support in order to successfully complete your course, let us know when you enrol, and we’ll take appropriate steps to make sure that this extra provision is in place. 

The tutor will teach you using a variety of methods using all learning styles. You will receive an individual learning plan that will identify what you wish to achieve on the course. You'll be given opportunities to reflect upon what you have learned.  Assessment will be undertaken by the tutor, and will be on-going throughout the course.

Your local library can help you achieve more - there are bookable computers, free WiFi, quiet study spaces, printing and photocopying. Check out what we offer at your local library here.

What will I need to bring with me to the course?

It may be necessary to bring some resources with you to some of the courses (e.g. flower arranging and baby massage) but if this is the case your tutor or an Inspire Staff Member will be in touch with you to let you know what you need to bring.  Please bring your pens, pencils and note paper to take any notes etc.

You will need to provide evidence of your benefit status to qualify for fee remission - we'll tell you how to do this at the time of booking. for more information on whether you qualify, please see our Fees Policy or call Ask Inpire on 01623 677 200.

Will any additional help be available if I need it?

Should you require additional help and support in order to successfully complete your course, this will be assessed at the outset, and appropriate steps will be taken to make sure that this extra provision is in place. It would be useful if you could let us know if you may have any additional support needs when you book onto the course.

What will I be able to do next, after my course has finished?

During your course, you will have access to impartial advice and guidance, with support and sign-posting to appropriate 'next steps', such as other courses or volunteering opportunities. Some course will offer natural progession - for instance, our language courses are designed for different levels of experience, and you'll be able to move up from beginner to expert over time!

Some of our accredited course offer a specific pathway into higher education and further qualifications. Read more here.

How do I book?

Follow the Eventbrite link on the course webpage or phone 01623 677 200. You can also email