Animal Doodles #DrawMoreStuff

Amazing animal doodles from artist Fabric Lenny. Watch the videos and have a go yourself.

Birds:  Pen and Wash

Watch artist Fabric Lenny create animal doodles using a simple but effective pen and wash technique.

Connecting Doodles

See how Fabric Lenny connects doodles to create new images.  How will you connect your doodles?

Have an iPad?  Try the Tagtool App.

Tagtool tutorial
A short introductory tutorial to the Tagtool Animation app.  This app is only available through the Apple App Store (costs apply).   

Want to share?

Please share your animal doodles and animations with us - we would love to see them.  Tag in @nottslibraries using the hashtag #DrawMoreStuff  or you can email

About Fabric Lenny


Fabric Lenny is  a painter, animator, sculptor, designer, illustrator and creative director.  He loves to draw.

His work includes theatre design, animation, live drawing, illustration, sculpture, moving image and painting.  Fabric Lenny regularly works with musicians, performers, photographers, dancers and theatre makers to create engaging installations, happenings and other unexpected magic.

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