Provider Marketing

Provider Marketing Guidelines

Sub providers should use a logo strip provided on all publicity, following the guidelines below. If alternative formats or placements are required or for clarification, please contact the Inspire Communications and Marketing team.

Logo strips have been provided for use on:

Ensuring correct sizing and spacing.

NB Minimum logos sizes are as below and should not reduce; 

  • Nottinghamshire County Council logo is 40mm wide
  • Inspire logo 35mm wide
  • ESFA 25mm height (portrait Logo) and 40mm width (landscape Logo).

The logo strip should always be used from the digital artwork provided, and should never be altered.

The logo strip should always be on a plain/clear background

The colour version of the logo strip on a white background should be used wherever possible for the majority of applications. The black background logo strip should be used if the design of the publicity is improved by doing so.

Nothing must appear in the background areas of the logo strips which have been produced to include the correct ‘exclusion zones around the logo’s.  

The black and white versions of logo strip should only be used where colour is not an option.