Affordable Theatre Programme

Live entertainment doesn't have to cost a fortune!

Our Affordable Theatre Programme performances, here at the Old Library in Mansfield, means that our productions have either a low ticket price or are priced on a Pay What You Can basis, and you don’t have to pay until after you have seen a show!

We want to encourage more people to come and see shows at The Old Library, and more often. Pay What You Can not only allows you to pay what you can afford, rather than a fixed ticket price, but also removes the financial risk of buying a ticket for a show in advance without knowing whether you are going to enjoy it or not.

Tickets are available to book in advance via Eventbrite, but there is no obligation for you to pay until after you have seen the show.

At the end of the show, you can decide what to pay, by cash on the door. All money collected will help us pay the artists who have performed or fund the young peoples' projects that we deliver, and we therefore hope you will give generously.

The recommended price range is £5 - £15 but whatever you can afford to give us, that’s what the tickets cost for that performance.

Check out our upcoming shows here.