Exhibition: Fungi Up Close

West Bridgford Library, Nottingham

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Alex Hyde has visited sites across our local area including Sherwood Forest, Maun Valley and Spa Ponds to open our eyes to the wonders of fungi.

Fungi are remarkable organisms that form a diverse kingdom comprising approximately 144,000 known species. They play essential roles in ecosystems, from decomposing organic matter to forming symbiotic relationships with plants. 

Mycelium are the unseen parts of fungi, long threads (called hyphae) hidden beneath the forest floor. This mycelial network facilitates nutrient exchange, water transport and electrical communication creating a hidden lifeline of mutual support and resource sharing beneath our feet.

A selection of Alex's photographs from these visits have been used to create this exhibition.

Very close up photograph of the underneath of a mushroom, it is purple in colour

Globular Springtail on a Wood Blewit - Photo by Alex Hyde

Alex Hyde.jpg

“I first developed an interest in photography as a means of getting closer to the natural world. When composing a scene of an insect or spider through my macro lens, I am always struck with a sense of discovery. To this day I delight in revealing tiny details of subjects that would be missed by the naked eye. Many of my pictures involve photographing moving subjects smaller than a grain of rice, requiring highly specialised equipment and a fair measure of patience. Nature provides me with an endless array of fascinating subjects and I am confident that I will never tire of photographing them.”

Alex Hyde

This exhibition is a follow up to Alex's 'Sherwood Forest Up Close' collection of photographs that focused on invertebrates which can be viewed online by clicking on the following link: 

Sherwood Forest Up Close

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