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Intellectual property matters to your business, whether it’s a product idea, your brand identity, a design or something you’ve written or created. Our IP clinic offers you a free advice session with attorneys and solicitors from Potter Clarkson who can talk through your options for protecting your work and ensuring others don’t profit from it, such as registering a patent, trade mark or registered design. They can also advise on licensing your work and the process for dealing with a dispute if you’re concerned that someone is breaching your rights.

About Potter Clarkson

Potter Clarkson creates value from your innovation. We bring vision and clarity of thought to guide you through the complexities of intellectual property for business. As consultants and experts in IP law, we help you understand, create, protect and defend the commercial value of your innovations anywhere in the world.

The Business & IP Centre Nottinghamshire (BIPC) is a partnership between Nottingham City, Inspire Libraries and the British Library. We are part of the BIPC National Network and provide free support to start up business owners, entrepreneurs, and inventors like you. We’ve a variety of webinars, mentoring and networking opportunities, as well as a range of business databases and resources to support your business needs. Whether you’re just starting out, need advice on protecting your intellectual property, or are ready to take the next step in your journey, we are here to help. It’s free to join and open to everyone.

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