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Published 25th June 2024

The UK’s biggest annual reading for pleasure programme for primary aged children returns to Inspire libraries with a challenge based around creativity, imagination and the power of reading.

We'd love schools to help us spread the word to encourage Nottinghamshire children to get involved and we have a range of resources to support you. 

What is the Summer Reading Challenge?

Six illustrated characters, the Marvellous Makers

Produced by The Reading Agency and run in partnership with libraries across the country the Summer Reading Challenge is a great way to keep children reading over the summer.    Taking part can help avoid the potential dip in reading levels over the long summer break and provides free fun for 4 – 11 year olds.   

This year's challenge is Marvellous Makers. Themed around creativity, imagination and the power of reading, children will help our Marvellous Makers who are part of their local creative club locate some missing items to complete their creations.

The challenge runs in Inspire Nottinghamshire libraries from 6 July until 1 September.

How does the Summer Reading Challenge work?

  • Children sign up at their local library for FREE and receive a collector’s poster.
  • Children borrow and read at least six library books, of their choice, during the summer - collecting stickers and other incentives along the way.
  • Children who complete the Summer Reading Challenge receive a certificate and medal. 
  • Library staff and volunteers are on hand to talk to children about the books they have read.

Find out more about the Summer Reading Challenge and the activities we have planned at www.inspireculture.org.uk/summerreadingchallenge  

How do schools benefit?

The Summer Reading challenge

  • Improves reading confidence and independence
  • Ensures pupils are reading for their return to school, preventing the summer reading ‘dip’.
  • Encourages extra-curricular activity  - encouraging family engagement with reading.
  • Enhances and supports the mission for all children to read more widely and for pleasure.

Summer Reading Challenge 2024, Marvellous Makers: Resources for schools

Inspire would love help from schools to encourage children to sign up to the Summer Reading Challenge this year.  There are resources available below to support schools to promote the challenge to their pupils and their families.    Plus join in with our live virtual assemblies. 

Virtual Assemblies for the Summer Reading Challenge

Join Inspire Libraries for a virtual assembly (via Zoom) to introduce Summer Reading Challenge 2024, Marvellous Makers.  The assembly will explain everything you and your pupils need to know about the challenge.  We will cover how to join, what the challenge is and showcase the brilliant FREE rewards children earn by reading library books.  Presented in a Zoom webinar format.  

The assemblies take place on the dates below.  Click the link below to find out more and to book.

For Nottinghamshire schools only.

Video Trailers for the Summer Reading Challenge 2024

Introduction to the Summer Reading Challenge 2024 in Inspire Libraries

Librarian Chris introduces Marvellous Makers and explains how the Summer Reading Challenge works in Nottinghamshire Inspire Libraries.

Video trailer produced by The Reading Agency

A video trailer produced by The Reading Agency

Downloadable resources

Teacher Information, Summer Reading Challenge 2024

Information page for teachers explaining more about the Summer Reading Challenge

Summer Reading Challenge 2024. Assembly Powerpoint

A PowerPoint presentation introducing Marvellous Makers and outlining how the Summer Reading Challenge works.

Suggested text for newsletters. Marvellous Makers

Suggested text for inclusion in school newsletters ahead of the summer holidays

Promotional Graphic Marvellous Makers

Promotional graphic for newsletters, web and learning platforms etc.

Summer Reading Challenge Activity Sheet 2024

An activity sheet for children to complete.

The Summer Reading Challenge launches on Saturday 6 July.

The Reading Agency.Summer Reading Challenge. Logo NEW 24

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