Monstrous Flesh: Women's Bodies in Horror

Beeston Library, Beeston

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Venue Beeston Library
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Join us for an interactive evening talk, exploring the origins of well loved tropes in the horror genre

To many people, the horror genre is synonymous with gendered violence and sexual exploitation. However, the genre is also a rich vehicle for female empowerment. This session is designed to explore the origins of well known and loved tropes in the horror genre, sci-fi and fantasy: vampires, witches, demonic pregnancies, and the decrepit ageing body are used to give voices to cultural and social anxieties rooted in the past and present. 

Drawing examples from classic, cult and contemporary horror and fantasy cinema from around the globe, this interactive session will get attendees to reflect on their personal relationship with the genre. 

“Horror films offer a fantasy space for women whose bodies betray them” 

Harkins, 2017

ABOUT THE WORKSHOP LEADER: Clelia McElroy is a Nottingham-based film events producer, and the founder-director of Monstrous Flesh, a multi-disciplinary venture exploring the intersections of the horror genre and feminism, through curated film courses, screenings, panel discussions and the Monstrous Flesh Podcast. 

For adults aged 18+.

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