Dementia Action Week

Published 2nd May 2023

Dementia Action Week - 2023


This year Dementia Action Week is focused on increasing diagnosis rates.

After a drop in dementia diagnoses for the first time ever, the Alzheimer's Society has undertaken research to understand key barriers and benefits to receiving a diagnosis. 

As well as the misconception around memory loss just being part of getting old, their research found being in denial, and referral times to specialists, are big barriers for those experiencing symptoms to seek a diagnosis. 

Getting a diagnosis can be daunting, but we believe it’s better to know. And so do 91% of people affected by dementia.

This Dementia Action Week,  the Alzheimer's Society will be involving more healthcare professionals and building on the success of our symptoms checklist. By working together, we want to improve people’s diagnosis experience and ensure they get a timely diagnosis.

Inspire take pride in offering events and resources for those with memory problems including dementia. Our dementia friendly screenings offer the chance to see an array of movies from the classics to new favorites. We make a safe and fun environment for family and friends to join, giving you the chance to talk, dance and move around! 

Our memory lane bags are a fantastic way to remember through time capsules. They can offer comfort, spark memories and start conversations. Take a look at dementia themed titles with Borrow Box, both resources are free for those with a library card! 

Find out more how you can get involved with Dementia Action Week here.

Inspire have some really great events and resources for people with memory issues: 

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