Reprographic Services

Copies of many archive documents can be made.  

Services and Prices

We produce digital photographs or scans of most documents. Our charges are based on staff time and include the time to photograph the document(s) and any image manipulation required to provide copies. Additional staff time will also be charged for any research necessary to provide your images, for example, to locate specific data within a document.

Please request a quotation prior to placing your order. Guidance on our charges for 2024/25 can be found here Reprographics Charges Guidance - 2024-25

For details of the different services available and prices see our full Heritage fees and charges list.


  • We can provide copies taken from microfiche of parish registers
  • Copies of original documents can be provided as email attachments, via online download, on CD or as paper prints
  • Certified copies (required for legal purposes) are only available as paper prints as they are signed as a true copy of the original document

Parish Registers now online

Approximately 2 million Nottinghamshire Anglican Parish Registers have been scanned and most are available now online at See the list here. Free access is available at Nottinghamshire Archives and in Inspire libraries.

How to Order

Please request a quotation from Nottinghamshire Archives before placing an order.  This will allow us to confirm we hold the material you are interested in and that it can be copied.

  • You will need the document reference number(s). The catalogues for many documents are available online on The National Archives’ Discovery website and Nottinghamshire Archives’ own online catalogue 
  • For copies of original archival documents, prints taken from microfiche or certified copies (signed copy of a document required for legal purposes), please complete the relevant order form:
  • Download the Reprographics and Research order form - Non-commerical 2024-25
  • Download the Reprographics and Research order form - Commerical 2024-25
  • Complete the form, indicating the format you would like your copies in: email attachment, digital download, paper prints (A4 or A3).  Under Copyright law, we can only supply one copy in one format.
  • Sign the copyright declaration and cite the document reference number(s).  Scanned or photographed forms are accepted, and the copyright declaration must be signed either by hand or with an electronic version of your handwritten signature.  Typed names are not accepted as a signature.
  • Post or email the form to Nottinghamshire Archives with your payment
  • It is easy to pay online or by credit or debit card. Please call  0115 958 1634 to pay.  We also accept cheques (in Sterling) made payable to Inspire.


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