NEW! Education Library Service Top 90+ Recommended Fiction

NEW! ELS Top 90+ Recommended Fiction List


The Education Library Service librarians read and review hundreds of fiction books every year and we currently stock an enormous range of titles. 

From this huge range of books we have chosen fiction which we believe will nurture a love of reading in Primary School children.

You will not find the usual popular authors or many of the great classics on our list because a lot of pupils and teachers are aware of these and already value and enjoy them.

Our list is intended largely to highlight some newer and less well-known books and their authors which we feel children and teachers will grow to love (as much as we do!). 

If you need more advice on enjoyable books to encourage your pupils to read for pleasure, please get in touch with our specialist librarians, who will be happy to help.

You can also view our latest new recommended fiction lists here which we produce three times per year and download our latest Top 90+ Recommended Fiction List below.