Value for Money

Loan Collection Service

The Education Library Service (ELS) offers a very flexible loan service, tailored to your needs. 

  • The ELS currently serves over 3oo schools, the majority of whom are situated in Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire.
  • Teachers and school librarians can choose from our stock of over 300,000 items.
  • Teachers can borrow up to date classroom resources, and swap them as often as required.
  • School librarians can borrow resources for their library and refresh their collections as often as necessary.
  • Over 213,000 items were issued to customers during 2019-20 financial year, and over 15,000 new items were added to ELS stock during 2019-20. These support the National Curriculum, and reading for pleasure.

You can download our latest price list below:

What Your Money Pays For

As an ELS customer you buy an allowance of books for the financial year, which can be swapped as often as necessary. Many teachers prefer to swap their books every half term to support the new classroom topics.

For example, an allowance of 100 books, swapped every half term, enables a school to use 600 different items during the year. All this for a cost of around £597 (based on 2020 prices).

To purchase 600 new titles for your school could cost as much as £8,000 as the average price for new hardback curriculum books is £12.99.

Books owned by schools will deteriorate and become out of date over time. Books borrowed from the ELS will constantly be refreshed and replaced as often as you like with new and up to date resources.

Being a customer of the ELS is a cost effective way of accessing curriculum resources and fiction to encourage reading for pleasure.

As an ELS customer, in addition to project collections, you also have access to:

  • Professional advice on resources and reading
  • Our showroom to select your own books
  • Tours of our showroom resources and a services presentation for your staff as part of team meetings or inset
  • Van delivery service
  • Requests for specific titles    
  • Discount book purchase scheme with Peters.
The Education Library Service showroom with bookcases filled with books

Mobile Library Visits

ELS customers also have access to our mobile library service. This enables schools to borrow some of their book loan allowance as leisure reading for the classroom.

Please see our mobile library visit pages for a current price list.

School Library Advice

The ELS offers customers advice on the development of school libraries, including support for secondary school librarians. These services incur an additional cost. Please see our school library advice pages for further details. 

What Our Customers Say

 “I am totally convinced of the positive impact the service has in schools!” 

Aaron Bird, Assistant Headteacher – Ambleside Primary School

"Education, library and service are three words that flow into Education Library Service.  Three truer words have rarely been written as children who read their books are enthusiastically educated, have books delivered from an outstanding library and with such good service.  Thank you"

Christine Gear, Deputy Head Teacher – Northfield Primary School

“ELS provides an invaluable service offering excellent value for money.   I would not want to be without the School Librarian’s support package which gives access to a huge range of professional support and expertise. ELS offers tremendous support for the promotion of reading for pleasure in our school especially through The Brilliant Book Award, the highlight of the year for our KS3 Book club members. The loan collection and exchanges enable me to make the most of a limited budget, ensuring that the LRC stock is kept up to date and responsive to curriculum needs.”

Lisa Goodwin-King, Learning Resource Centre Manager - Rushcliffe School

Some of our customer feedback statistics from the Autumn term 2020:

  • 99% of teachers said the mail order resource collections selected by our Librarians met their needs

While we are unable to offer these services at the moment due to covid restrictions our feedback statistics from Autumn term 2019 are;

  • 96.66% of visiting customers said the stock available on the shelves met their need
  • 100% of ELS mobile customers said the range of stock on the mobile enabled them to choose resources which met their needs.