Inspire Forward Plan 2016-22

Our detailed plan for the next four years identifies areas of challenge and development we need to focus on. Here we have shared the priorities, outcomes and enabling work we need to achieve to ensure Inspire continues to be successful and sustainable.

Our Priorities

We have identified 6 priorities for Inspire to become more sustainable and grow.

1. Effective and efficient systems – good reliable systems allow us to maximise the value of the resources we have.

2. Finances – through good management and diversifi cation we can spread the risks of reducing funding.

3. Governance and advocacy – good governance provides support and scrutiny for the Society, alongside active member involvement especially at a community level.

4. Growth and retention – we need to retain our current funding, income and customer base and

increase market share and gain new contracts without putting at risk the current Inspire contracts.

5. Integration of our learning and cultural offers – we need to communicate our off er and ensure

the customer and learner journey is smooth, integrated and supports progression.

6. Organisational capacity and resilience – our staff retention, recruitment, performance

management and skills development is essential to continued delivery of successful services and further development.

Our outcomes

In our detailed plan our specific projects and tasks all aim to achieve one or more of the following outcomes:
Our outcomes are that everyone;

  • Enjoys and values reading
  • Achieves their learning potential
  • Discovers, values and shares the Nottinghamshire story
  • Lives an active, long and healthy life
  • Can engage with and participate in arts, music and cultural activity
  • Is better informed and more knowledgeable
  • Can be a part of supportive, safe and thriving communities
  • Can participate in increased economic growth and employment.
  • To enable Inspire to achieve our mission we will
  • Be compliant with legislative and statutory requirements
  • Communicate and engage with stakeholders about what we do
  • Become more sustainable financially and environmentally
  • Deliver quality assured activity
  • Have the appropriate infrastructure and systems in place.

Inspire Forward plan illustration showing key themes visually