Inspire Forward Plan 2022-26

Our vision is to Inspire people to read, learn and enjoy culture.

Our plan for the next four years identifies areas of challenge and development we need to focus on. Here we have shared the priorities, outcomes and enabling work we need to achieve to ensure Inspire continues to be successful and sustainable.

Our priorities for development

We have identified 4 priorities for Inspire to become more sustainable and grow.

  1. Dynamic Inspire – agile in adapting to change, use of technology and responsive to new opportunities
  2. Inclusive Inspire – reflecting diversity and local communities in our offer and programmes
  3. Quality Assured Inspire – reliable, trusted, ambitious and improving
  4. Sustainable Inspire – reduce environmental impact and become more financially sustainable  

Our outcomes are that everyone;

  1. enjoys and values reading
  2. achieves their learning potential
  3. discovers, values and shares the Nottinghamshire story
  4. lives an active, long and healthy life
  5. can engage with and participate in arts, music and cultural activity
  6. is better informed and more knowledgeable
  7. can be a part of supportive, thriving, safe and sustainable communities
  8. can participate in increased economic growth and employment

The priority areas for development and the outcomes are in line with the charitable objects of the Society and the values of the organisation.

Inspire Forward plan illustration showing key themes visually