Your Library Membership Details

Inspire Libraries stores your membership details on a shared system that is also used by other libraries in the East Midlands.

By joining the library you are agreeing to storage and use of your data in the following ways:

  • Your record is available to Nottingham City Libraries so that you can use your Inspire library card at any City branches.
  • Data about you is only used for operating the library service in the City.
  • Your data will also become accessible by library staff in these other services if you choose to join them:
    Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Rutland, Derby City.
  • Your data will be retained for a period of three years after joining.  After that it will be renewed by you or deleted

Inspire will not pass on or release your data to anyone else, except if validly requested by the police or other UK law enforcement agencies. For further details on how we use and store your data, please visit