Miner2Major How To Sheets and Activities

Get involved at home with one of our easy activity sheets! Each one represents one of the eight strands of the Miner2Major project.

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Better Habitats

Sherwood Forest is a mosaic of habitats with heathland, oak-birch woodland and wood pasture, alongside extensive areas of arable farmland and commercial conifer plantations. Miner2Major aims to improve the condition of, and link together, existing habitats for the benefit of Sherwood’s wildlife.

How To - Make a Bug Hotel

Did you know that insects are very important in both gardens and wild spaces? You can encourage insects to live in your garden by creating a bug hotel made from recycled materials!

How To - Make a Pinecone Bird Feeder

By providing food and water, you can help birds find enough food, especially in winter, when there are less seeds, berries and insects available.

Saving Sherwood's Special Species

Sherwood Forest is home to some very special and iconic species that are characteristic of the area’s unique combination of habitats, and which occur in few other places around the UK.

How To - Make a Hazel Pot Beetle

Grab your scissors and glue to create this beautiful beetle. Watch as it appears from the page just like you've caught the specimen itself!

Sherwood's Landscape of Trees and Hedges

Trees and hedgerows are a vital component of Sherwood’s landscape. We know that trees are important not only for their biodiversity value, but also for their cultural and emotional connections. Sherwood’s trees and hedgerows are loved by local people and eagerly anticipated by visitors to the area.

How To - Make a Paper Pot Plant

Make an origami folded newspaper plant pot, ideal to plant a found tree seed like an acorn. Will your seed be an ancient oak of the future?

The Veiled Landscape

The Veiled Landscape project will help to better understand the archaeology of Sherwood through commissioning new LiDAR. LiDAR stands for light detecting and ranging and is a technique that uses laser scans of an area to create 3D models. The 3D models when combined with maps and aerial photography can help archaeologists to better spot potential archaeological features.

How To - Make a Dirt Dessert

Learn about the soil beneath your feet by using a variety of foods to represent the different soil layers. Have fun, dig deep and enjoy making edible soil!

Century of Change

The period 1850-1950 saw the landscape of Sherwood change dramatically, mines were sunk, railway lines built, and new towns and villages created.

Edwinstowe Map Activity.pdf

Take the find 3 challenge!
Our Century of Change activity compares 2 historical maps of Edwinstowe, a large village on the edge of Nottinghamshire’s Sherwood Forest.

Clipstone Map Activity.pdf

Take the find 3 challenge!
Our Century of Change activity compares 2 historical maps of the area of (new) Clipstone, a Nottinghamshire village about 2 miles away from the older village of Kings Clipstone near Sherwood Forest.

Rainworth Map Activity.pdf

Take the find 3 challenge!
Our Century of Change activity compares 2 historical maps of the Notiinghamshire village of Rainworth.

People of Sherwood

This is an exciting project that seeks to tell the stories of ten people that lived in, worked in or had an impact on Sherwood Forest. Some of the people and connections to the area will be familiar, but we also want to tell the stories that are less well known.  

Emma Wilmot Artist of Sherwood - An Introduction

These Emma Wilmot Activity Sheets include sketches and drawings by Emma Wilmot, who lived in the Sherwood Forest area of Nottinghamshire in the 1840s, almost 200 years ago.

People of Sherwood Family Tree

Colour in Emma’s family tree and then create your own! You could fill in the names and birth years of your family members, draw pictures or even insert photographs.

My House, Emma's House

Colour in Emma’s drawing of her family home, Sparken House then draw your house to compare them both. How have buildings changed through the years?

Changing Landscape of Sherwood

Look at a sketch of Sherwood made by Emma in 1842. What things would you add to the landscape to bring it up-to-date and reflect everyday life in Sherwood today?

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