Knit, Crochet & Craft in Libraries

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The 2023 Inspire Charity Knitting Challenge was called Brave Bears!

The next Inspire Charity Knitting Challenge will start in spring 2024 - look out for all the details below...

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Knitting and crafting for charity has become an enormous success in Inspire libraries. We support a different charity annually and 'call out' to groups and individuals that want to take part. The theme is announced in the spring and the resulting work is collected, exhibited and celebrated before it is donated.

Every year an army of you are prepared to give your time, skills, wool and lots of creativity to a charitable cause. In 2017 over 6000 knitted squares were donated to KasCare and Child Africa, in 2018 you created 1300 puppets for Operation Christmas Child, 550 Worry Monsters made their way to Knit for Nowt in 2019, in 2020 Knit for Peace received 806 woolly hats, in 2021 over 2000 tiny green Robin Hood hats were sent to The Innocent Big Knit and in 2022 you made a staggering 764 Twiddlers! 

Thank you to everyone who has taken part since 2017. We think you should all be crowned the kings and queens of 'Knittinghamshire' for sure! 

Click here to find a regular craft group in a library new you.

Join in and continue making a difference!