The Big Draw

The Big Draw has one aim: to get everyone drawing!

Why? Drawing helps us to think, invent and communicate – regardless of age and ability.

Held throughout October, festival aims to bring communities together in fun, creative ways. More than 1,500 venues take part annually, from nursery schools to national museums. Last year 20 countries joined the UK in organising events.

Every October the Big Draw bursts into Libraries around the county and we work to offer opportunities for individuals and groups to join in with our Big Draw events and training sessions for teachers and leaders who want to run an event or join in with ours. Look out on the event listings for Big Draw events near you.

About The Big Draw

Founded in 2000, The Big Draw (formally The Campaign for Drawing) is an arts education charity that promotes visual literacy and the universal language of drawing as a tool for learning, expression and invention.

The charity leads a diversified programme encompassing advocacy, empowerment and engagement, and is the driving force behind the The Big Draw Festival – the world’s biggest celebration of drawing.

The charity supports professional and emerging artists through The John Ruskin Prize and exhibition, and regular events, awards and competitions create platforms for each and everyone who wants to draw.

Throughout the year, The Big Draw manages collaborative research projects, campaigns and educational conferences on visual literacy, digital technology and STEAM. Working with cultural and educational organisations, policymakers and businesses The Big Draw demonstrates the social, economic and health benefits that drawing can bring and provides opportunities for everyone to access them.


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