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Connecting with Nottinghamshire

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In Nottinghamshire, British photographer Alistair Morrison worked with Inspire and Miner2Major to create a project that connects artists, venues and community groups to help leave a legacy of Time to Connect artworks in 6 key locations across Sherwood Forest.

  • Bestwood Country Park - The 28th Nottingham Boys Brigade and Girls Association
  • Newstead Abbey – Newstead Primary School
  • Papplewick Pumping Station – Beardall Fields Primary and Nursery School
  • Rufford Abbey Country Park – Bilsthorpe Flying High Academy
  • RSPB Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve – 1st Edwinstowe Rainbows and Brownies
  • Vicar Water Country Park – 1st Clipstone Beavers, Cubs and Scouts

Each Nottinghamshire artwork will be connected by the words:

Take ‘Time to Connect’ with this place and with each other. 

What's it about?

It all started with Alistair Morrison...

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Alistair Morrison is a prominent British photographer whose work is included in the Primary Collection of The National Portrait Gallery, London, with over 80 pieces on display. For the past 40 years he has worked alongside some of the most notable international icons and dignitaries. His portraits are collected by private and corporate clients worldwide and he has exhibited in Paris, New York, Palm Beach, Miami, Florence, Berlin, Barcelona and London.

Recently Morrison has completed a series of Legacy Photographs, applying his signature style of portraiture to depict historic collections of notable actors, sportspeople, Britons, chefs and iconic musicians. In 2020 he created two documentary films: The Real You, which explores Morrison’s lifelong search for photographic truth in the portrait, and Time to Pause, in response to the pandemic. His most comprehensive Collection titled Immune from Praise and Abuse, captures powerful portraits of ‘everyday extraordinary’ people, conveying their intimate and personal stories through photography, celebrating who they really are, rather than who they are expected to be.


Time to Connect

Time to Connect is Morrison’s most significant undertaking to date - a culmination of his life’s work, creating a legacy for many generations to come. A five year journey will take him around the UK in a converted camper van, which also doubles as a mobile studio, to capture a portrait of the UK, post Brexit, post pandemic, in all its richness and diversity. At the heart of the project is the idea of connection, including family and generational connection. Building on the work of Immune from Praise and Abuse and Time to Pause, Morrison aims to meet and connect with individuals, families and groups of people of all shapes, sizes, races, religions, abilities, genders, sexualities - young, old and in the middle, across all 100 counties across the UK. He is creating space for intimate and personal conversations, allowing people to connect deeply with themselves, each other and the world around them, enabling them to tell their stories of who they are. The journey is being captured, using photography, film, podcasts and other creative mediums.

And to celebrate the project’s ambition, Morrison is leaving a lasting legacy by connecting with local artists, sculptors, makers, designers, gardeners and creatives of all types, who are being commissioned to create beautiful pieces of art in each of the 100 counties. Their brief is to search for a space and to complete an art piece, sculpture or installation, where people can come for moments of quiet reflection and contemplation. In addition, there is a vision to install four ‘flagship’ installations in the furthest areas of northern, southern, western and eastern UK - places where people can stop, rest, reflect, connect and heal. Places of pilgrimage.

IG: @timetoconnectttc

“Time to Connect is a project of passion – it allows art to connect us all. Moments of reflection, moments of inspiration, moments of pause. With such an ambition to travel North, South , East & West to all corners of the UK, I was in search of that very first county to embrace the idea to breed confidence in others. That county was Nottinghamshire.

Without you, without our shared ambition, I couldn’t have got this far. Thank you”.  

- Alistair Morrison

Nottinghamshire has been the catalyst for the project with Time to Connect Nottinghamshire launching the journey as the first county.

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