Story Explorers Online: Under The Sea

A playful and interactive online storytelling adventure for children aged    2 - 5

In association with Nottingham Playhouse

Written and performed by Manya Benenson

Original story developed by Manya Benenson in collaboration with Sarah West-Valstar and Erin Fleming

Join Little Owl on another thrilling adventure - this time Under The Sea! Meet an array of colourful and surprising creatures as Little Owl bravely attempts to restore harmony in the ocean. 

Will he be able to do it and get home to his beloved Granny before she notices he's gone? Come and cheer him on...

This magical storytelling adventure features beautiful animation by SoJo Animation, artwork by Erin Fleming and of course Granny and Little Owl.

Creative Team

  • Written and performed by Manya Benenson 
  • Illustrated by Erin Fleming 
  • Animated by Sophie Johnson Hill (SoJo Animation) 
  • Creative Associate Evie Wakefield 
  • Production Assistant Adam Collins

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